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    Which is the earliest 3D online game?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Other countries do not know that China's earliest 3D online game is an elf OL, in 2002. I didn't lie to you. There was no real 3D game before. Miracle MU was still after it, and it was just 2.5D.

    2. From 1992-1996, during the "prehistoric civilization" period of Chinese online games, the text online game (MUD, Chinese translated "mud") game represented by "Xia Ke Xing" began to prevail.

      In June 1998, the Lianzhong game world created by Bao Yueqiao, Jian Jing, and Wang Jianhua began to set up a game server in the Oriental Nets. A total of 5 kinds of online chess and card games such as arch pigs, and a generation of world online game giants began to take its first step.

      In April 1999, the Ledie Working Group was formally established. The establishment of Xiao Ao Jianghu Game Network has launched the earliest simple graphics MUD game "Swordsman's Loyalty to the Country".

      In July 1999, the Internet of Net Genesis appeared, and a large number of simulated servers have appeared in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places. Sexually contact the real excellent graphic online game.

      In March 2000, Lianzhong created the Cyber ​​Band Guinness World Record. Lianzhong chose South Korea when expanding overseas markets. While the Korean version of Lianzhong Games started running, the two parties of China -Korea Cooperation held the first "China -Korea Network Go Fighting Competition", setting a record of the largest number of online Go games at that time -12140 people The event set a Guinness World Record and was officially certified by Guinness.

      In July 2000, the first real Chinese network graphic MUD game "King of the King" was officially launched. With excellent game quality and special historical conditions, the King of King of Wan "Become an indisputable king in China's first generation of online games. The operating mechanism of Chinese online games has also been established through "King of the King", and the potential market it seduces has become the direct reason to attract more companies to impact the online game market.

      In September 2000, the online game "The Three Kingdoms of the Internet" of the Three Kingdoms of Zhiguan Traditional Three Kingdoms was launched, and the "King of the Kings" was resisted in the same period, and it won a good reputation.

      In November 2000, Uchike Tong represented the Korean online game "The Light of Darkness" and entered the country, but this semi -finished game was quickly eliminated by the market, but it became the first shot of Korean online games to enter China Essence

      In January 2001, Beijing Huayi launched "Stone Age". This game replaces the bloody and violent design of traditional online role -playing games with bright colors, cute characters and humorous design. As a result, he became another market hegemon after "King of the King". At the same time, Huayi's WGS (counting charging) system began to run, providing a lot of reference for later online game charges.

      In March 2001, the first original online game "Fourth World" in mainland China was listed. White, but in the end, only its journey ended its journey.

      In March 2001, the Asian United, Taiwan Saint Master, and Jinghe Times jointly launched the Korean martial arts online game "Millennium", because the background is closer to Chinese culture, making it the most early Korean online games Affected works.

      In May 2001, "Lianzhong World" grew into the world's largest online game website. After more than three years of rapid growth, Lianzhong has developed to the scale of 170,000 people online and about 18 million registered users at the same time, becoming the world's largest online game site.

      On May 20, 2001, the "Jumping I" officially publicly tested. This ultimately failed Korean online game proves that adventure and PK are the first choice for Chinese players. Leisure community games are Since then, it has been greatly reduced.

      In June 2001, the construction of a special machine room for millions of players in Huayi. Beijing Huayi and China Netcom cooperate, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, which have the most concentrated population of the Internet in China, set up special machine rooms for players for more than millions of players online. To provide higher -speed and more stable online game services. The cooperation between game companies and telecommunications service providers has been fully launched.

      In July 2001, the "Dragon" represented by the third wave of theater Valley was officially launched. Improper handling has lost its own market.

      In July 2001, the second online game "Red Moon" of Ailian Games was officially launched. This background is the works of Korean classic science fiction and the same period of "Millennium" and "Dragon" Korean online game Together, South Korea ’s online games have been in most domestic markets.

      In July 2001, You Long launched "Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan Online" online. Net Jin successfully occupied the domestic game market in the hands of Korean online games and became the most successful original online game in 2001.

      The "Three -nation Century" released by Huacai in July 2001 was officially launched, but this game did not save the market that the "King of the King" was lost, and the hegemony of Hua Cai gradually declined. In October 2001, the Tianfu Hotline Game Center was formally established and quickly became the most important game position in the Southwest.

      In November 2001, Netease launched "Journey to the West", which sounded the horn of the portal network entering the online game industry. This measure has made online games a new profit growth point of the portal network.

      In November 2001, the "Legend" of Shanghai Shanda Agent was officially launched. No one expected that online games that originally thought it would not be influential would become the biggest winner of Chinese online games in the next two years.

      In January 2002, the "Magic Baby" represented by the Internet Star Company was listed. This online game that also from Japan quickly replaced the status of "Stone Age" in the Q version of the online game field.

      On January 11, 2002, the "Legend" broke out of the hacking incident, and Shanda Network rewarded 300,000 to catch the culprit.

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