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    What is the use of qualification certificate


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. What is a professional certificate:
      The national vocational qualification certificate is divided into five levels, namely primary (national vocational qualification level 5), intermediate (national professional qualification level), senior (national professional qualification level), technicians, technicians (National Vocational Qualification Tier 2), Senior Technician (National Vocational Qualification Level 1). The professional qualification certificate is printed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the People's Republic of China. After the state implemented the employment access system, in the occupations (working) with high technical requirements, strong generality, and people's physical health and property safety, professional qualification certificates are still a certificate of employment access.
      . The purpose of occupational certificate:
      A professional qualification certificate is a qualification voucher for employees for employment, employment, and entrepreneurship. Apply for valid certificates for notarization of skills. At present, most provincial and municipal working recruitment employees must be recruited from those who obtain the corresponding occupational qualification certificate, and practitioners must hold their certificates.
      . Professional skills appraisal
      A professional skills appraisal is a professional skills -based assessment activity, which is a standard reference test. It is an objective measurement and evaluation of the technical theoretical knowledge and actual operating ability of the examination and assessment agency to do a certain profession. Occupational skills appraisal is an important part of the national vocational qualification certificate system.
      . What is the main content of vocational skills appraisal
      The main content of the country's implementation of vocational skills appraisal includes: professional knowledge, operating skills and professional ethics. The appraisal specification is (examination outline) and the corresponding textbooks to determine, and the appraisal assessment is performed by preparing a test paper.
      . Who must participate in vocational skills appraisal
      • Vocational workers engaged in the complicated technology stipulated in the state and involving national property, people's life safety and consumer interests;
      • Vocational schools and vocational schools and The vocational training institution is a student (knot) student of the technical type (professional);
      • apprentices who expires for apprenticeship training; Occupational skills appraisal. For the appraisal of vocational skills appraisal, we must first determine the level of appraisal and appraisal in accordance with the qualifications of the occupation applied for. If training is required, you must go to the training institution approved by the relevant government departments. Occupational skills appraisal is divided into two parts: knowledge requirements examination and operation skills assessment. Knowledge requirements are generally used for written tests. Skills requirement assessment is generally used on -site operation processing typical workpieces, production operation projects, simulation operations and other methods. Those who have passed their appraisal shall issue a corresponding professional qualification certificate by the labor security department.

    2. Qualification certificate only proves that you have such a level. Moreover, the current gold content is the human resource manager, engineer, accountant, and taxator recognized by the state, but all of them must be intermediate and above. Such countries have rewards.
      The professional certificate in general schools is not large, but it is also a proof you have learned. If you have good ability, you have a corresponding intermediate level. Advanced certificates are better. However, if you have a general ability, you can also take the test, but if you are lucky, it is recommended not to take it out, because it will be very shameful.

      The qualification certificate is also useful for work. However, it is recommended to test your relevant certificates for future career planning. In other words, if you want to do what you want to do in the future, you must serve your future work. Otherwise, it is nothing.

    3. [] Qualification Certificate is the result of participating in training and assessment. It is a testimony of your life actively studying;
      [] National professional qualification certificate is a professional, a must -have for your further promotion; you must save it.
      [] National Vocational Qualification Certificate is the basis for the level of application, which is related to your use and treatment.

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