• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

    What games are Shanda


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What games are Shanda”
    1. The agent of Shanda Network Company and the games developed by themselves have more than 30 games, including bloody legend, legendary world, bubble hall, hero era, thousands of years, miracles, etc. are very classic and fun games. Basically, they rely on the acting of the blood legend and then develop other games by themselves. Relying on the advantages of strong blood legend players to drive the development of other games. Now the grand blood legend has become less popular by private server, and the advantages of other games are not strong. Game development plan, I hope to rely on strong technology to develop more fun games!

    2. I think the adventure island is very fun. The characters are more cute. The skills are also very beautiful. And you can make many friends in it. I am a loyal player on Adventure Island .. Gaga ~

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