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    What does it mean to fill in Dakeng Gongzhang


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What does it mean to fill in Dakeng Gongzhang”
    1. Large.
      Idders (public Zhang): When five people are all followed, 25 cards need to be compared with only 20 cards because A ~ 10; if players give up in the middle, all players will share the last one in the end. The card is called a borrowing, and three or four. Some game rules 5 people have 24 cards when they bring 9.A ~ 9, there are only 4 players in the last player, and one of the last cards of the card, some games will be counted as three or four. Calculate.
      The pits are also known as (pits, kicking pits) are poker cards popular in the northeast. Generally, 2-5 people participated and can be added or exited at any time. The play is simple and fast, and the tension is a game game that reflects the wisdom and courage of the player.

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