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    What are the fun three kingdom card mobile games in 2022?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Rise: The ultimate king, the power of the Three Kingdoms, unparalleled power of the Three Kingdoms, the Three Kingdoms of Wolong (SSS Lu Bu), and the Junior Three Kingdoms: zero.
      It today Fenglin Mobile Games specially recommend the top ten fun list of the Three Kingdoms Mobile Games. I hope you can find your favorite game in it and gallop in the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms. Coupons help players to complete the Three Kingdoms dominance.
      1. Rise: The ultimate king (sending the goddess Hua Yan) web link login login and exchange SS -level god Hua Hua, 6888 ingots, 1 million gold coins.
      "Rise: Ultimate King" is a three -nation theme 3D real -time action card mobile game masterpiece, exquisite picture, high reduction scene scene, 3D modeling, let you feel the real Three Kingdoms in the realm! 3D instant action card Card, coquettish position, skill interruption, wind and thunder and fire combination skills, gorgeous special effects, big tricks spikes, super strong blow pleasure, challenging extreme operations; original full camp generals training, generals of generals of generals can continue to cultivate ); Rich daily gameplay, a variety of daily competitive challenges, tense stimuli (BOSS), quickly developing characters (passing the barrier), full -service melee PK (king's battle), king city competing for the defeat (camp battle), downloading the rise The ultimate king lets you experience different fresh gameplay, and it is never boring!
      2. The Three Kingdoms Zhishuang Wushuang Web Links
      In the login and send orange to Zhao Yun! No land to attack the city, zero unlock all orange generals! The original Three Kingdoms original class gathered, and it took three years to build it carefully. Cai Kangyong endorsed, the global version was recommended by Qi Shishi, the film emperor Jiang Haowen, and the best -selling list of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea!
      3. Wolong Three Kingdoms (Send SSS Lubu) Web link to the opening of the full VIP and receive a 10,000 yuan recharge card.
      This breakthrough game imprisonment, micro -operation battle, free positioning, interrupting skills, to determine the victory! Ding Jiangshan with force! The two -month -old card and a permanent card are must -have. Other gift packages depend on the demand. S heroes raised Joe, A Huang Zhong, A -level is the name of pig feet, SS is worth training Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu, Sun Ce, Cai Wenji, Cai Wenji, Guo Jia and others are all possible. The strongest SSS is Lu Xun's strongest hero Yyds. Grab resources half a month in the early stage, and then develop slowly.
      4. Juvenile Three Kingdoms: Zero Web Links
      "Junior Three Kingdoms: Zero" is a new masterpiece of the "Junior Three Kingdoms" series, integrating strategic cards and real -time competition, bringing a disruptive gaming experience! The three kingdoms gathered, and the troops were freely matched; the military divisions played, and a variety of genres reversed the war; Explore the three countries of all generations and experience the classic battles! He has a ghost conspiracy, fighting Kyushu! The general trend of the world will eventually start from scratch.
      5. Three Kingdoms Ru Longzhuan web link
      "Three Kingdoms Ru Dragon Biography" VIP15, invincible God general, mounts and pets, five consecutive recruitment and other large benefits are free to send. Breaking the imprisonment of the round -round game, free battle positioning, self -creation method, and newly introduced the riding warfare system to determine the victory and defeat! The three nations are collected in green, freely matching to create the strongest lineup; truly reproduce the big map of the 13th states of the hundred cities, and the round -round system can also cross the national war; romantic marriage, brother confidante, and block the Tujianbang, let you personally appreciate the social interaction of high simulation in troubled times.

      6. Hulai Three Kingdoms 3 web link
      "Hu Lai Three Kingdoms 3" is a 3D sand table strategy deduction mobile game based on fighting. At the same time, the game continues 400 million users' favorite "Hulai gameplay", but also creatively adds the names of the Wei Shu Wu camp, cross -service season fighting, unified the whole territory on the basis of the Halle Three Kingdoms 1 and Hulai Three Kingdoms 2. , Decisive Battle Luoyang and other gameplay. The SLG category has been abandoned by players' criticism of slow building development lines and muddy resources, and it is replaced by a refreshing large map alliance fight.

      7. Thirty -six web links
      36 meters are super popular strategic battle mobile games. Now you can not only feel the ever -changing lineup, but also experience the classic thirty thirty Six strategies, rely on your wisdom to conquer the battlefield, unify the world! Lead the generals of the generals to siege the pond, open the country to expand, and finally unify the world! Reasonable use of thirty -six plans, we must reverse the war and win! In the game, there are also many famous three nations to let you send it to you, and he dominate the sand field together.

      8. Juvenile Three Kingdoms 2 web link
      D boy, do you get tired of entering and exiting the copy again and again? Young Lang, are you still bald in order to find the branch mission? "Juvenile Three Kingdoms 2" relaxed version to help you, protect the liver, bid farewell to hair loss!

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