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    There is a 24 o'clock poker game. The rules of the game of the game are as follows.


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Look at the data first. The hybrid version of the RAV4 HYBRID is equipped with a 2.5L inline four -cylinder engine, which uses a more efficient Atkinson cycle, and is equipped with three motors. Two motors are in front, one motor is behind, and the maximum power is behind. It is 219HP, an increase of 16HP than the standard version of the 2.5L inline four -cylinder engine, which is 25HP more than the previous generation of RAV4 hybrid models, which also makes the 2019 RAV4 Hybrid's strength the highest model in the tight -type SUV. The compact battery pack is installed below the rear seat of the RAV4, so there is no occupation of the suitcase space, which also makes RAV4 HYBRID have the same luggage space as the gasoline model, 1065L. Except for the difference between the instrument panel and the information entertainment menu, RAV4 Hybrid's interior is almost the same as the gasoline version of the RAV4 model. The RAV4 Hybrid model can be selected from the unique XSE decoration of the hybrid version, the black 18 -inch wheels with contrasting paint, stylish style, and upgraded suspension; we can feel that the chassis of the XSE version is slightly better than the Le, XLE version of the XLE version Hard, but the difference is not large, the overall feeling is still preferred to home comfort. In other words, RAV4 Hybrid is practical enough, but it is not a boring generation. Like other models, RAV4 HYBRID is based on Toyota's new global architecture TNGA. In addition to the chassis, the movement trajectory is better, but the steering feel is not ideal, a bit virtual, and the brake pedal is both blurred and sticky. This is undoubtedly undoubtedly It is a big flaw of hybrid vehicles. In terms of fuel consumption, Toyota expects RAV4 HYBRID to achieve the score of 5.7L per 100 kilometers and 6.4L of highways 100 kilometers. The comprehensive fuel consumption is 6.0L per 100 kilometers. In contrast, the most efficient gasoline version of the 2019 RAV4 four -wheel drive model, the data of the above tests are: 9.0L, 7.1L, and 8.1L. At the same time, RAV4's most direct competitor, Nissan Rogue Hybrid, has a score of 7.1L 100 kilometers, 6.7L of highway 100 kilometers, 6.91L of comprehensive fuel consumption, and the four -wheel drive version rose to 7.6 L, 6.9L and 7.1L. RAV4 Hybrid is obviously more family. When driving gentle, RAV4 Hybrid is smooth, gentle, and quiet. When you rise, it can also give you a good sense of acceleration. After the motor blessings, RAV4 Hybrid's torque increases by 30 %, which is more refreshing. The acceleration time of 0-96km/h is 7.8 seconds. The four -cylinder engine and three motor partners, one of the motors collaborate with the engine through the planetary gear set, to simulate the feeling of stepless gearbox. In the process of battery power and gasoline power transition, the electronic products in the RAV4 Hybrid vehicle are also very stable, and the hybrid system is unusually smooth and has not produced moths. Although the dragging ability is not the strength of RAV4 Hybrids, its maximum drag value has reached 794kg. Although this is enough, it is still far from the 1587kg of the gasoline version of RAV4 Adventure. The 2019 RAV4 HYBRID starting price is $ 2,7700 (equivalent to RMB 190,681), the mid -match version of the RAV4 Hybrid XLE is priced at $ 29,500 (equivalent to 203072 yuan), and the luxury version of the RAV4 HYBRID LIMITED is 35,700 US dollars (equivalent to RMB 245751). , RAV4 Hybrid Xse sold $ 33,700 (equivalent to RMB 231984). The 2019 RAV4 HYBRID models are equipped with active security functions, such as pre -collision systems that can automatically brake, lane departure warnings, lane maintaining assistance systems, automatic headlights, etc. The information entertainment system supports Apple CarPlay, but does not support Android Auto. In contrast, the starting price of Rogue Hybrid hybrid models in 2019 is US $ 2,6600 (equivalent to RMB 183109), but there is no adaptive cruise control or a four -wheel drive. In general, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 HYBRID is both practical and energy -saving. It is smooth and comfortable to drive, and the space in the car is not sacrificed by the hybrid system. In terms of price, RAV4 Hybrid is not much different from the four -wheel drive RAV4 version, but RAV4 Hybrid is faster and more fuel -efficient. So why not?

    2. The content of the game of 24 points "is as follows: 52 kings are removed in a pair of cards (if you can only use 1 to 10 cards for the first training), 4 cards (called licensed group), Use the addition, reduction, multiplication, division (can add brackets) to count the number on the card as 24. Each card must be used once and can only be used once. For example, the drawing card is 3, 8, 8, 9 (9-8) × 8 × 3 or 3 × 8 (9-8) or (9-8 ÷ 8) × 3.

    3. 821 How to except 8? Solving problem: The divisor of each digits of the dividend (starting from the high position) is divided by divisor the calculation. Each calculation is reserved, and the remaining number the next digits for operation. Based on this order The business obtained in order is combined in order. Others 5 test calculations: 102 × 8 5 = 821 Questions, please be satisfied, please adopt

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