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    The earliest online game guild in China


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Today's guild circle is recognized as the earliest online games: Internet Crusaders.
      1, Chinese MUD (Multiple User Domain Multi -User Virtual Space Game) History
      In August 1989, a graduate student of Carnegie Mellon wrote a game called Tinymud on a weekend. It is a simple, multi -user game. As long as anyone knows his address and port (lancelot.avalon.cs.cmu.e 4201), who can get this game. However, Tinymud is not the initial MUD game.
      The first MUD (multi -user duct) multiplayer interactive operation site was established. This site contains various adventure games, chess games and rich and detailed databases. In China, the first batch of MUD should be the wizards who are "Oriental Stories". They re -modified and compiled the core program of MUD, and creatively joined some of the core programs that foreign MUDs did not. Under their efforts, the first Chinese MUD was born. This is undoubtedly a feat in Chinese MUD history! Under their unremitting publicity and encouragement, the first batch of MUD players in China, veteran MUD players. And a large part of them has also become a very authoritative wizard who will have many MUD stations in the future.
      Since then, there are many famous MUD sites, "Xia Ke Xing", "Tianlong Babu", " Journey to the West, "Feng Yun" and "Jin Yong Qunxia Biography" (that is, the later "Book Sword"). For some reason, MUD's veteran "Oriental Story" had to withdraw from the historical stage, "Oriental Story" was closed. In the later days, another news that shocked the MUD industry happened. Large MUDs such as "Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan" were pirated. Some of the wizards of the mixed mix of MUD wizards first and obtained most of the wizards from the wizards. Trust, and then, with the consent of the other wizards, use his authority to transport the source code of MUD home. Use these source codes to set up their own sites, so that some wizards even sell the source code to others. This is why many large MUD wizards were united and united within the beginning, the scorching heads for the issue of authority, and the "Jin Yong Qunxia Biography" later renamed "Book Sword".
      MUD only became strong competitors shortly after it was flushed. UO and Half -graphical MUD "Swordsman". The first batch of Internet Crusaders started to know and organize from playing MUD and UO, and laughed at Avo Jianghu's loyalty to the expansion and development of the middle school.
      2, the first Chinese semi -graphic MUD "Swordsman's Faithful Loyalty to the Country".
      The Swordsman's Swords and Lakes of the Sound Game Services have begun to enter the Internet. After upgrading and transformation of the original telephone game, the earliest domestic simple graphic MUD game- "Swordsman's Faithful Reporting Country".
      The April 1999, the Ledie Working Group was officially established in Beijing, and Xiao Ao Jianghu Game Network was officially launched during the same period. One month later, the Ledsmate Working Group launched the first domestic simple graphic text MUD game- "Swordsman's Faithful Loyalty to the Country". In this game, the producer will introduce the concept of fighting against the pirates and rivers and lakes, and set up a more fair NPC system and PK system, so that the development of the game is in the hands of players. In addition, this game has attracted the addition of many online game players with its simple operating system and intuitive game interface.
      Until February 25, 2000, 100,000 players have registered in "Swordsman's Faithful Loyalty to the Country". This result was a very great result in the environment at that time. It is worth mentioning that in 2000, the era of crazy expansion of the Internet industry in the world in 2000 (also the era when the Chinese online game industry has been dug in the first bucket of gold), the development team of "Swordsman's Loyalty" has won the sea from the sea. The strong funding support of the Hong Group has obtained a 10 million yuan investment in a short period of time, and quickly formed it to become a smile of the Swordsman Website.
      On May 1, 2000, the "Xiao Ao Jianghu Member Card" was officially released. Taking this as a sign, "Swordsman's Loyalty to the Country" finally entered the charging stage. Objectively speaking, although this game still uses text as the main way to interact with players, its emergence has indeed improved the level of Chinese text MUD, but at this time, the MUD game is still based on text as the main game method method. It was not until some domestic MUD players began to set up an UO simulation server before officially announced the end of the history of text MUD.
      In the unified name of the Internet Crusade in this game as the Crusaders, formulate various management systems, and organize the largest player tissue for the game.
      3, Chinese ULITMA Online Network Genesis) History. r In May 1999, a game that changed a generation entered our lives. Ulitma Online Network Genesis, a site called WORLF also became the first third -party free server TUS version of mainland China. The version used at the time was TUS version. This version was developed by a group of American guys on the basis of the UO official server version. The main members are Team Member, Menace, Altiara and Westy. Boston, in fact, before TUS, they have developed GreyWorld, which is the predecessor of TUS, but the mainland was not well understood by UO at that time. It was not until the birth of TUS. Not familiar with UO, plus UO is an unsatisfactory number of online games, which leads to the number of online games. Therefore, WORLF has announced that it will be closed in less than two or three months. An UO free server, at the same time this server has laid the foundation for the future UO server.
      is because of the first attempt by the World station that the domestic UO third -party free server erection era is coming. The famous sites are: Shenzhen Jarry, AC, Shanghai Sunshine Continent SUN LAND, the three sites of the Shanghai Sun Land set up at the same time in the autumn and winter of 1999.
      4, Lianzhong chess and card games.
      1998, one in 1998, one is in one place in 1998 The well -known technicians in Chinese software have left the company. At this time, he had nothing except for a bit fame. This is a little famous person is Bao Yueqiao. Bao Yueqiao himself does not like to play games very much, but Bao Yueqiao, who does not like computer games, and two friends have run China's largest mass game website, Lianzhong Game Network. The friends who engaged in Lianzhong with Bao Yueqiao called Jian Jing and Wang Jianhua.
      In 1996, the three of them began to surf the Internet. At that time, the text MUD attracted many Chinese first -generation netizens. Bao Yueqiao likes to play Go, and is not interested in MUD, and Jian Jing likes to play MUD. After playing the game for two years, Jian Jing proposed to play online chess and card games in 1998. The three said that they did dry: write a program, buy a server stand. The three spent 2 months and designed Lianzhong's framework on the NT platform. In February 1998, Bao Yueqiao assembled a more than 8,000 yuan server. After the server was set up, Lianzhong Game Network was officially born.
      The early 1998, Lianzhong, who was born, had no money to advertise, and because the network line was not good at that time, players who played cards often broke the money when they played, so there were not many users attracted by Lianzhong when they came. By June 18, Oriental Network made a news for Lianzhong on the homepage, and some news media also began to report to Lianzhong. In December of the same year, Lianzhong exceeded one thousand online. This was a great result at the time. At the same time, Microsoft ZONE had 56,000 online people, and more than 1,000 people in Taiwan Hongji were online at the same time. Later, except Microsoft, other similar sites did not develop so well.
      The September 1998, Ma Xiaochun, Fang Tianfeng and other Go celebrities played chess in the audience, resulting in the atmosphere of the game at the time. Since then, Bao Yueqiao they recognize the importance of celebrities to couplet. Celebrities can play chess in Lianzhong, which can make Lianzhong prosperous. Everyone is reputable, and there are naturally many people who play the chess players.
      On May 20, 1999, Bao Yueqiao, who had not paid themselves for a year and a half, paid the Lianzhong price of 5 million to sell 79%of the shares to Zhonggong.com. After two years of difficult, in 2000 and 2001, the Lianzhong began to form a virtuous cycle of business models. When the orthodox large computer online games began to rise, Lianzhong had worked silently in this field for several years.
      Today, Lianzhong's registration has reached 90 million, and users can choose more than 20 games in Lianzhong. Lianzhong has become the world's well -known chess and card game website. Lianzhong is not usually the online game we refer to. However, in the development of Chinese games, no one can ignore the existence of Lianzhong.
      . The Internet Crusade in the prehistoric stage of online game in China.
      The prehistoric civilization of Chinese online games should be these four representative games, but they do not have the characteristics of online games. MUD is pure The earliest non -profitability of text is set up in university and began to spread from university campuses. UO in China is simply a third -party anti -compilation simulation program without intellectual property rights. The text games based on MUD, only some interfaces use pictures, called semi -graphical games. And Lianzhong is not the usual online game referred to. China's first real online game is the king of the king of Wanwang. .
      The online Crusaders were born in the prehistoric civilization of online game in China. The first proposal in the prehistoric civilization stage proposed that the network is not based on the region, and the rules and regulations are formulated. And not based on the game settings, multiple games use the unified organization name game player organization, so the majority of players are called China's first real game guild. They have become the mainstay, and a large number of players at this stage have entered the game industry. This is why the Internet Crusaders were called by some players in the game industry for a period of time. nThe national minister's cold wind produced the middle
      ". One of the ten countries
      a real network
      The first online game topic of the country

      Established the country's "Heavenly Kingdom
      website, which is our

      ", thousands of members. At the same time,
      After the revision of the "Heavenly Kingdom
      Homepage", it is called "17

      In the establishment of N super
      guilds, including.

      Hundreds of members of the decisive battle
      let the "five -star red flag" flutter.
      , the guild name "Iron Blood Cross

      ", the most

      of the solar server in the early stage. And in Hanbok

      The largest
      guild in the magic sword, hundreds of members. Gong
      will name "Cross"

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