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    Recommended fun games


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. First of all, I hope that this article should have a long time limit, which is not only the reference value of the precipitation in the game column for a long time. Therefore, it will basically exclude those games that depend on server operations, as well as works that are concerned about to a certain extent.
      "worth playing" in this article is defined as:
      has rich game content;

      has a longer experience time;

      There is a certain creativity in the gameplay.

      . At the same time, as free games, they should also:
      This no internal purchase or in the premise of non -purchase consumption can still get a relatively complete and good game experience.
      Okay, say so much, let's see what is worth playing for free games:
      one can be said to be the creative puzzle game made by the characteristics of the iOS system , Only support iPhone. None of the puzzle requires you to touch the screen, most of which requires you to use the various operating characteristics of the iPhone to solve the puzzle -from adjusting the volume, screen brightness to positioning, acceleration is even URL scheme ... you have never experienced what you have never experienced The wonderful puzzle will definitely make you clamor.
      The game has internal purchases, for expansion content. But the free content is enough to make you fun for a while. You can download Blackbox from the App Store.
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      The plot is to the puzzle game. The protagonist's eyes are blind, and you can only rely on hearing to judge the environment when you can't see anything. Players who play the protagonist need to explore in a black screen, solve the puzzle with the help of sounds, and help the imprisoned protagonist escape.
      The game process is extremely short and can be completed within ten minutes. Nevertheless, this short -conscious plot and a theme song that just rendered emotions just made this work look different.
      The game free, no advertisement and no internal purchase. You can download in the App Store.
      "I contain a beautiful 3D scene, but you can never see it"
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      cube escape series
      The more famous decryption game series contains thriller elements. The game is a typical dense room escape, and the puzzle is not low, and the non -logical puzzle design is often incredible. The most colorful part of the game lies in the correlation between the entire series of works, not only the penetration of the plot, but even some puzzles that require a combination of multiple works to complete. I will not introduce too much, so as not to have spoilers.

      Reminder again, please note that this series of games contain some thriller elements, which may cause discomfort. Please enter cautiously if you have poor acceptance ability! You can download the series in the App Store.
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      cube escape: Seasons
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      download n download n download n download n download n download n download n download n download n download n download n download n R ngrow series
      The unique puzzle game series, the style is full of innocence and imagination. Click on both sides of the screen or the various objects listed on both sides or below, and place it in the game scene. At this time, the "time" will be pushed for a round, so that the previously placed objects will change and "upgrade", and eventually be the first time. All objects can reach the end when they reach the full level. However, this is not a simple logical reasoning problem. The changes of each object are rich in imagination and fantasy. The ending of the lead will definitely be unexpected and make you can't help it.
      The game free purchase without internal purchase. You can download the series in the App Store.
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      The first article I wrote in a few factions is introduced Grow series and its authors ~ cough.
      grow pack
      grow Park
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      Kairo game series
      The game series named "Cairo Game Kairosoft" developed by Japan. From the earliest and most famous "game development countries" with the theme of game development to the subjects such as restaurants, hot springs, urban, football, racing, etc., although they are basically simulated business games, But they are rich in unique features, and they are highly patient. Most of the Cairo series, which are still being launched to this day, are mostly buying disconnected paid games, including several of them such as "Pirates Exploration Story" and "Sprint!" "Racing Story 2" is the form of free gold coins, which is also worth playing.
      The first try "Pocket Academy Story 1" first. There is no internal purchase. It is a classic work of the Cairo series. Those who have not been exposed to the Cairo series can try it, and may fall in love with it. You can play other games in this series in the App Store.
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      The Qi Knight
      Small famous domestic Roguelike independent game. Breaking into the dungeon, constantly obtaining new weapons, defeating BOSS, and saving the world -simple and easy -to -understand gaming method and automatic aiming operation method created a light and durable action shooting game. After many versions of iteration and polishing the details, it has many weapons and rich content. It has been separated from the shadow of "probably borrowed from Enter the Gungeon" and has become a unique excellent work.
      The game is free, some characters are purchased and purchased in -gold coins. You can download the Qi Knight from the App Store.
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      the battle of Polytopia
      This strategy game, simplified version of "civilization". Although the size is small, the five internal organs are all available. The operation of the original complicated strategy games is streamlined here -explore the world, research technology, produce warrior units, invade other races, and get the highest score. You can complete a game in a short period of time. The map and resources are randomly generated. There are multiple races and several different maps to choose from. There are two game modes of 30 rounds and unlimited modes. The content of the game can be said to be sufficient.
      The game free ads, unlocking more races and map size in the game. You can download TheBattleofpolytopia from the App Store.

      "Big Adventure" series
      a small and famous domestic independent game series. The type is not easy to define. Basically, it can be called a platform jumping game, which focuses on the unintentional creative level design of "pit father". The content is rich and happy, the developer's brain is not small, the level is not difficult, and it is very playable. Although it can be seen from the material that it is not ordinary, it can be seen from the details of the developer. Some content is the same as "Cat Lio".
      It you can download the series in the App Store, the game is free, the purchase card strategy prompt, but there is actually a free alternative method for obtaining the prompt ...

      The name "Heroes of Heroes" is a microcosm of the era, and it is also a memories of many old players as childhood. Today, some people have transplanted them to the iOS platform and re -polished and improve them. This is an open martial arts RPG that combines MUD elements. There is no main storyline, there is no exquisite picture, most of which are just text descriptions, but it is such a game of the previous era, but has rich systems such as martial arts, fighting, martial arts, reputation, etc. The game method is still fun even if you play now.
      The third -party transplants of the same name as the original work have been carefully polished and filled with originality, from continuous update and maintenance (even recently adapted to iPhone X) and communication between developers and players in the group and players in the group. It can be seen that the word "sincerity" does exist.
      The game free advertisement and gold coins, but it really does not affect the game experience. You can download the game in the App Store.

      Her hero altar said-Pixel retro martial arts king biography
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      to ensure excellent quality recommendation, I can only guarantee my choice The works that are entered are well -founded, and it is absolutely impossible to be comprehensively and separated from personal good selection. They are a small part of the "worth playing" team. The rest are left. I hope everyone can share in the comments and let more people know these good games.
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