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    Many people played a lot of people before. Why are few people playing now?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Many people played a lot of people before. Why are few people playing now?”
    1. I believe everyone must have heard of an angry bird. In the past few years, this game can be said to have swept the entire market, because at that time, the smartphone was just popularized. At the time, there is no mobile game such as the glory of the king or the yin and yang division. The number of games is relatively small, very single, and the way people use their mobile phones to change the touch screen, which is very novel, so at that time, at that time Well, the angry birds and fruit ninjas have been killed in a game, which can be said to be very hot.
      . After almost everyone bought the smart phone, they would download these games. I believe that many friends have played it. Nowadays, smart phones have been completely popularized. Everyone's mobile phones are smart phones. Therefore, the performance is also more and more superior. It has been born a lot of fun games. It is very playable. Like the glory of the king, These gameplay is very diverse, so it also attracts a lot of players.
      The angry birds who are angry, until now, there is no update and innovation, it is still very single, just a pass and one pass, so countless players have abandoned it. It disappears in people's eyes, and maybe some people will play a few times while they can't play a few.
      The internal strategy of the company is not very clear. At that time, Tencent was rejected when it wanted to cooperate with it and did not seize the opportunity. After all, for players, the gameplay is often very important. If there is no innovation without any innovation, it will not attract the player. Therefore, it is precisely for this reason. Until now, there are no few people. It's a pity to play this game.

    2. Because there are not so many games in the past, the angry birds have made a lot of new versions, and many people play, but now they have played a lot of other fun games. The angry birds look too simple and boring. New game.

    3. It's overwhelming, not attractive. The most important thing for this casual mini -game is the degree of playable. The new games are endless. Its updates cannot keep up, and they are less and less played.

    4. Because the playability is not high, everyone feels boring after trying it, the attractiveness is not great enough, and the new games are endless, and naturally everyone has forgotten it.

    5. The angry bird production company R has not launched a fun game since the angry bird 2, and changed the previous excellent games (the god -made bird GO that the gods were angry now) The update of epic masterpieces like bird Epic Epic is difficult to say
      In recent years, R has not launched the "Old Book" shooting game. God)

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