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    How to play "Angry Bird" desktop game


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Angrybirds
      "Angry Birds" Desktop game description
      game accessories
      48 game cards: 18 screen cards (6 of which agree cards, 12 opposition cards) 1 golden egg Card 29 combat team cards.
      12 bird logo.

      1 The Pig Kingdom Map (back instructions)
      game preparation

      will 29 The combat team card washing is mixed, each player randomly extracts a confidentiality of other players.
      Wezhone each person's consent card (3 to 6 people)
      The corresponding number of opposition card
      3 per person 4 opposition cards
      4 per person 3 opposition card
      5 per person 5 opposition cards (two opposition cards are not used)
      6 people 6 opposition cards per person
      The game process

      starts from any player (the ugliest can start first), act according to the clockwise direction, the game is divided into two stages.
      n n n n n n n n n R n
      The birds you have on the territory. Starting from the starting player, each person takes turns to put one.
      3 per person 4
      4 per person 3
      5 per person and 2 people (the remaining two are placed on the 0 floor, that is, the kingdom of the kingdom At the entrance)
      6 per person 2
      Player can place the birds on the first floor of the bird kingdom to any position on the fifth floor, each layer has four positions.
      R N starts to move clockwise from the beginning. Each player chooses any bird to move up one layer. (Science and Technology Association upward) can only be upward. If the upper layer is full, it cannot move.
      If a bird was moved by a player to the golden egg position, this is the golden egg placed in front of the player, and then all players vote, each player placed his voting card downwards, and wait for all players to vote. All players open the voting card. After the opposition card is used, the game is removed and agreed to return to the player.
      (1) If all players agree, the game is over, calculate the score according to the team card.
      (2) As long as a player opposes, the bird is kicked out of the golden egg, and the game continues.
      The game end and victory judgment

      When the game ends, all players open their own combat team card, every time Players calculate the score based on the final position of the birds in their team: birds from 0 to 5 of the 5th floor score 0 1 2 3 4 5 6. The position of the golden egg is 10 points, the score is the highest. n

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