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    "Game of Thrones" Jon Snow


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    1. not dead. It was rescued by the witch.
      Belly seats have lobby Samsa to lead the princes of the north, while Sansa will do the opposite, hoping that Jon can take the responsibility of the king of the north before the winter arrives. In the castle, some lords have proposed that the war is over, and they should return to their respective families to make all kinds of preparations for the upcoming winter.
      . Jon had to warn them that the war was not over, and the real enemy was hidden in the winter storm. At the critical moment, Leana Mooreng, who was only ten years old, stood out, and she firmly supported Jon. Under her call, the family, who had refused to play for Jon, raised their swords and swore loyalty.
      M families in the north to push Jon together as the new king of the north. Belly seats that have been observing in the corner, showing disappointment. When Warris was drawing the ally for the queen, Danilis also planned to cross the narrow sea in Milin. As the descendants of the ancient royal family, Danilis knows the rules of the game. Only marriage can bring the most stable allies.

      extension information:
      creative background
      "Game of Thrones" is a medieval epic fantasy subject The American TV series is based on American writer George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel "Song of Ice and Fire" series. The original author George Martin said that the play was very loyal to his own work. The title is taken from the title of the first volume of the series novels.
      Mo -produced by HBO TV Network, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss screenwriter, George Martin himself as a script consultant.
      Themaking work is mainly completed in the Bell Fhate's work room of HBO, and in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, and Morocco, the HBO is the most expensive TV series in history.

      Reference Data Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Power Game


    2. He didn't die, and finally survived and became the king of the outside.
      Jon Snow (Jon Snow) Jon was born in the 283 AC year of Igen. He is an illegitimate child of the Duke of Lindong City Ed Stark. , And with Ed's children, grew up in Linhuang City.
      In "Winter Cold Wind", rescued by the red hair witch, mentioning Simer Gray Joy with the top with Elia and was assigned to Rams and was sexually abused by the latter. Jenny Pur, through assistance to escape from Rams, go to the Great Wall and Jon again.
      In the sixth season of the TV series, Jon and Sansa met again, but witnessed Ruken design and killed when fighting against Rams Bolton. Sansa executes Rams. Later, the princes in the north of La Anna Mormont were supported as the king of the north.
      In the eighth season (last season), Jon Xuenuo, who returned to Lingong City, learned the secret of his life in the mouth of Bran Stark. Snow Nuo came to the Nights Legion again, Tomonto and Bai Ling are waiting for him. Since then, Sansa has become the queen of the northern realm of expectations, and Elia has also embarked on a new journey as expected, and Snow has become the king of the outside world.
      Extension information:
      "Game of Thrones" The Eighth Season of the Plot Introduction-
      Danon Lise's army to the north is mighty, and Elia saw in the crowd Xue Nuo originally wanted to say hello to him, but Xue Nuo didn't notice her. The residents in the north were very vigilant about these foreign troops. At this time, the two dragons brought by Dannilis suddenly appeared. For the first time, people who saw Feilong were panicked and fled back to home.
      . The arrival of Dragon has a great encouragement for the morale of the army. Xue Nuo saw the long -lost Bran and Sansa in Linhuang City. He introduced Danon Lisy to his younger brother and sister, but before he had time to greet him, Bran told them a bad news that the died silver dragon dragon Veseyon has been used by the night king. They broke the Great Wall and the death legion has come south. In order to find a reinforcement, Xue Nuo gave up the position of the king of his north in order to find reinforcements, which made many people very dissatisfied with him. The crowd's doubts made a response, and Tirion also said that Xue Nuo is worthy of the overall situation to give up the throne. But Sansa was worried that the resources of Lintong City were not enough to support the upcoming large number of Allied Forces. Tirion knew that Sansa's heart had a mustard for the Lannister family and told her that Cersei promised that she would send the army to support it north, but Sansa did not believe that she did not believe it. Cersei will be so kind ....

    3. There are some interesting claims that Jon Xuenuo is not dead. Some people think he will become a ghost, some think he will appear on the side of (so -called) Targaryen. White Walker returns.
      of course, Xue Nuo's actor Kith Hlington may have already said that his drama in "Game of Thrones" has ended. But ... what if he didn't? What if he had to say so for propaganda?

      This can prove that Xue Nuo is a strong evidence of fake death. The guardian sacrifice of Merrisanzhuo () returned to the Great Wall of Desire. At the best time, she suddenly left Stannis's camp, which was strange. When the snow started to melt, she realized that her illusion might be wrong, she persuaded Stannis to sacrifice her daughter SHIREEN, so she began to flee briefly.

      I. As the priest of the king of light, she is a religious practitioner who can resurrect the dead. In the previous plot, she had seen Thoros of Myr in the Red Robe monk of the King of Light, and he led the flagless brothers at that time.
      The leader of the flag -free brotherhood, Beric, was sent by Ed Stark in the first season. "The long gun pierced, this was the first time he was killed. Soros in the Red Powder Monkor prayed for him to die more than once.

      So, with the help of the follower of the king of light, resurrected in "Game of Thrones" is not a novel plot. However, the question is, why did Meishan Zhuo resurrect Snow?
      Because Snow is likely to be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai.

      Youya Ya Hai is a legendary hero who lived in about 8,000 years ago. When a different ghost attacked the seven kingdoms, he used a sword called the Guangming messenger to defeat Different ghost. After that, the Great Wall for Defense was built.

      It is now rampant again, the cold darkness will shrouded the world, and the Mainlo mainland needs a new hero.
      did not even have a reward ,,,

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    5. Jon Snow will be resurrected in the sixth season in "Game of Thrones" and is now filming.
      Jon Snow is one of the main characters in the famous epic fantasy novel series "Song of Ice and Fire" by American writer George R. R. Martin. two.
      On Jon was born in the 283 AC year of the Igen calendar. He is the illegitimate child of the Duke of Lincheng City, Ed Stark. Grow up in Linhuang City together. He has an ice wolf "Bai Ling" with albinism. At the beginning of the story of the novel, Jonbei went north to join the night guard to defend the Great Wall.
      The controversy about Jon's life. In the story, Ed Stark himself is like a bottle of Jon's mother, and Jon has never knew who his mother is. There are many rumors that he is the son of Miss Axila Dain, who is Ed and Xinggie City, and Ed said to King Robert Bayelalin that Jon's mother is a woman named Vera, and Sister Sister The Earl is the daughter of a fisherman of Jon and the bite Bay fisherman's daughter. However, many readers in the book fans speculate that Jon is the son of Lega Tamlian and Leanna Stark.

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