• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

    Fingertip Sichuan Mahjong, the more money, the more you lose?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Fingertip Sichuan Mahjong, the more money, the more you lose?”
    1. Consultation record · Answer on 2021-05-15nFingertips Sichuan Mahjong is more and more losing money? 1. The level of mahjong is not high. Although everyone often says that playing Mahjong depends on luck, how can a good card continue to lose, but if you have luck, you have always accompanied you? Or maybe you have a good card but fail because of your mistakes. This tells us that Mahjong technology is also very important. Any competitive games need to master the skills and methods to help with luck. 2. Do not understand how to control the risk of artillery to release the risk card to play Mahjong. The most important thing is to grasp each card. Once the whole shooting is released, it is over. Of course, anyone or even Mahjong master can say that they can not fire artillery, but they use risk analysis to analyze risk analysis. And the probability calculation to minimize the possibility of fireworks. 3. Players who do not control the cards often win the card will think about how to listen to the card during the game, and even how to increase the probability of their cards. The choice of choice to listen to the card in the fastest way and listen to more cards. 4. Do not handle dangerous cards. This is more common in the middle and late games. Master players will calculate each card type according to the previous order of the card, so as to get the rough range of other players. Once the cards they get are in their own position, they are in the place where they are in their own place. In this range, according to the risk, the risk of fireworks is between 50-70%, and this card does not play this card. When the risk is ≤50%, it should be risked.

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