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    As a masterpiece of the anime of chess and cards, which is better?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “As a masterpiece of the anime of chess and cards, which is better?”
    1. I think these two works are indeed a masterpiece of chess and cards, but there will still be some unfairness to be placed together. After all, the broadcast time of "Soul of Chess" and "Flower Card" is almost 10 years, and these ten years The gap in the animation industry has changed dramatically. "Flower Card Love" is a work with the theme of "competitive song cards" in traditional Japanese culture. Because the subject matter is too national and too niche, it is already in the wind to compare the international nature of "Go" in "Soul of Chess".
      This singer vs Go, audience and restricted?

      The competitive song cards in "Flower Card Love" originated from the court game of Japan. It is produced by 100 songs in "A Hundred Hundreds of Kakura". It is a unique brand game in Japan, so " "Flower Love" is actually a work of "propagating and protecting traditional Japanese culture", but due to the nature of the game, the attention and popularity of the work have not reached a very ideal figure.
      "Chess Soul" is just the opposite. Although Go originated in China, it has been passed on to other countries such as Japan as early as the Sui and Tang dynasties. In modern times, Go has become international chess games. The crowd is more advantageous than the competitive song cards in "Flower Love".
      "Flower Card Love" and "Chess Soul", the expressiveness of blood competition?
      It's expression of the two works, the competitive song brand is originally a competitive game combined with static and static. It is easier to express in comics and animation. For the sense of substitution, "Flower Love" showed the competitive games, so it did not bring too much "stunning" feeling to the audience.
      In instead of "The Soul of Chess", it portrays the "extremely quiet" Go game as a "blood" competitive work. Although the audience may not understand Go, it is still substituted into a tense atmosphere. There will be a secret admiration of "unknown consciousness", and "Flower Card Love" is more obvious compared with it.
      The "love" of the "love" and the "bond" of the soul of Go

      "Flower Card Love" works like their names, in addition to telling the story of competitive song cards, "Love" is also one of the important plots. Girls with love works, the beautiful and delicate style of painting also adds a lot to the work.
      "Chess Soul" is a complete Go theme of Go. The rare "female lead" in the play is rare. Just obsessed with Go, the plot of love is almost equal to zero. The only emotional line is the bond of Xiaoguang and Go's soul. Although the style of chess soul painting is not delicate and beautiful, it is very suitable for the plot. The purity of the palace -level works is actually the name of the hall.
      Therefore, if you must comment on which is better, the answer can only be the former. The above is a personal point of view.

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