1. The Market in terms of Islam and its impact on Islamic Economics. (being translated into English) (being translated into English)
  2. Economic Functions of the State in Islam
  3. Awareness of people about Islamic Jurisprudence (A Contemporary Jurisprudential Study)
  4. The efforts of King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud in the service of Islam.
  5. Al-Aaqila (sensible) and her rules in Islamic Jurisprudence (A comparative jurisprudential study).
  6. Death Penalty in Islamic Jurisprudence (A Contemporary Jurisprudential Study)
  7. The Question of Physician Error and its Rulings in Islamic Jurisprudence (A Contemporary Jurisprudential study. (Translated into Urdu)
  8. Preservation of Water and Plant Environment in Islamic Jurisprudence.
  9. The legacy of divorcee in death sickness: (A Comparative Jurisprudential Study)
  10. The sacrifice (Audihiyah) its provisions and etiquette ( a contemporary jurisprudential study)
  11. Traffic violations (jurisprudential study)
  12. Social Solidarity from an Islamic Perspective
  13. Obedience of the ruler and its impact on the achievement of home land security.
  14. Provision of giving proximity to the dead (a contemporary jurisprudential study) (being translated into Urdu)
  15. Jurisprudence of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of suspicions. (translated into Urdu)
  16. Customary Marriage: Its Forms and Rulings in Islamic Jurisprudence. (translated into Urdu)
  17. Martyrs of duty- legitimacy study (Saudi Arabia as a model)
  18. Doctrine of the Sunnis and other groups in the rules of the Muslims
  19. Straightness (its elements and auxiliary means of its application). (translated into Urdu)
  20. Waqf: An Aspect of Islamic culture.
  21. Dialogue and its impact on Promoting National Unity. (translated into English)
  22. Dialogue and its impact on promoting ideological security. (translated into English)
  23. Co-existence with non Muslims. (translated into English)
  24. Prisoner’s Rights in Islamic Shariah and their Applications in the Laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  25. Religious Extremism: Causes, Consequences and Remedial Measures. (translated into English, Urdu and Indonesian)
  26. Superiority of knowledge and scholars in Islam.
  27. Impact of Justice in maintaining the right belief.
  28. the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Relief Work (facts and figures)
  29. Halal (permissible) food and its provisions in Islamic Jurisprudence.
  30. The Plantation and forms of product management in Islamic Jurisprudence
  31. Directions and warnings for protecting our Youth from Religious Extremism.
  32. Fatwa (origin and rules)
  33. Right of woman in administration of her properties (Khadija (رضي الله عنها) as an example.
  34. Clear word about getting ornament by women of Shaukani . (being translated into English)
  35. The study of manuscripts of Al-Sahukani
  36. Pak- Saudi relations since independence. (translated into English)
  37. Rules of Hajj and holy visits in view of Qur’an and Sunna. (translated into Urdu)
  38. Human Values in Qur’an Kareem.
  39. the desired peace – current scenario and future perspectives.
  40. The Companions of the Prophet – their status, superiority and the rule who defame them.
  41. Ethics of Muslim physician.
  42. Qualities of Security personal.
  43. Stance of preacher regarding ideological deviation.
  44. Punitive penalties and their rules and the authority of Qazi in their evaluation.
  45. Unemployment as a cause for crime.
  46. Imam Al-Qurtubi – scholar of jurisprudence and contemporaneous
  47. Charity works in Islamic perspectives.
  48. The offence and its relation with terrorism.
  49. Robbery and its relation with terrorism.
  50. Ethics of medical profession.
  51. Research titled: Effect of applying the borders (Hudod) in the community (doctrinal study)
  52. Research titled: Mourning on the Dead and its rules.
  53. Research paper titled: “Ideological Security its reality and components and its impact on individual”.
  54. Research paper titled: “patriotism and truly affiliation to the homeland from perspective of Shari’ah”.
  55. Research paper titled: “stance of Muslim towards (fitan) turmoil in this age” (translated into English)
  56. Research paper titled: The Religious Leadership and Its Role in Achieving Peace at Regional and Global Levels.
  57. Research paper titled: “ rule of repetition of Umra”
  58. Research paper titled: “repetition of Hajj and jurisprudence of priorities”.
  59. Research paper titled: “Al-Quds: Our Cause” (translated into English and Urdu)
  60. Research paper titled: impacts of endowment on guardianship of orphans and their equivalents.
  61. Research paper titled: importance of unification of rules in council of gulf cooperation in light of Islamic Shari’ah.
  62. Research paper titled: the custodian of the two holy mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz – biography and achievements.
  63. Research paper titled: rule of rising of Imam from Mamom and viz a viz.
  64. Research paper titled: the knowledge of religion.
  65. Research paper titled: classes of memorization of Quran and their impacts on ideological security.
  66. Research paper titled: drugs – definition and shariah rule.
  67. Research paper titled: “this is our methodology … Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is like the sun to the world and the wellness to the people”. (translated into English and Urdu)
  68. A letter to mother (Arabic, Urdu & English).

Many research books and article that have been translated into English and Urdu.