1. Restored the University to its original mission, objectives and international character.
  2. Held dozens of international, regional and domestic conferences and seminars.
  3. Contributed to the fight against extremist ideology.
  4. Compiled several books on dialogue, intellectual security, peaceful coexistence, fighting against extremism with special emphasis on integrity of character, moderation and building of balanced Muslim personality.
  5. Worked for strengthening ties with the Islamic and other world countries
  6. Took keen interest in organizing teachers’ training courses within the country and abroad.
  7. Signed Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the domestic, international and Islamic universities reaching up to 60.
  8. Arranged exchange of visits between the Faculty of the University and other universities.
  9. Took keen interest in encouraging academic research among the Faculty members
  10. Promoted academic, cultural and research ties with the HEC.
  11. Took keen interest in regulating the University administratively, scientifically and academically.
  12. Worked for strengthening the relationship of the University administration with the students on one hand and the Faculty members on the other.
  13. Created an environment of love and brotherhood among all the staff of the university free from sectarian and party parochialism.
  14. Stressed the Faculty members to focus on education and training of students and participate in the University’s events and programs; keeping themselves away from activities which have nothing to do with the University’s main tasks or its jurisdiction.
  15. Attempted peaceful settlement of the disputes arising among the Faculty members without the use of intimidation and penalty.
  16. Ensured the security and safety of the university and strengthen this sector with a number of competent security personnel.
  17. Promoted scientific, cultural and academic ties among the academicians, religious scholars and experts.
  18. Strengthened the relationship between the University and other state and educational institutions.
  19. Participated in various national, cultural and academic celebrations held by the Government of Pakistan.
  20. Arranged several scientific meetings and cultural weeks which proved extremely beneficial and
  21. Chaired a number of academic and scientific councils meetings in the University.
  22. Inducted more efficient and competent Faculty in various specializations in the University.
  23. Inducted 19 male and female Faculty members from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabic.
  24. Strengthened cooperation with the official Islamic institutions supporting Islamic solidarity, as the University receive last year a sum of American dollar $ 10000 with the commitment to receive the same amount of one thousand.
  25. Further strengthened the relations with the Islamic Development Bank.
  26. Strengthened the relation of the University with businessmen both from within Pakistan and abroad to support the University.
  27. Contacted a number of diplomats from the Gulf, Arab and Muslim countries to solicit support for the University with commitment from some ambassadors.
  28. Requested the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for funding the University project such as Faculty of Medicine with Teaching Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering.
  29. Similar requests have been made to finance the construction of the University Grand Mosque with a capacity of 3,000 worshiper in the University town, a big auditorium and a Cultural Center adjacent to the Mosque.
  30. Supplemented the University with a number of generators to prevent electricity break.
  31. Construction of a well-equipped modern Teachers Canteen with the fund of Imam Muhammad Saud Islamic University.
  32. Facilitated the visit of a number of delegates of the University Faculty members to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the conferences and seminar and to perform the rite of Umra.
  33. Addressed the concerned official quarters in the KSA such as Rabita al-Alam al-Islamic to host a number of academic and cultural personalities to perform Hajj and Umra and the Saudi Ministry of Hajj which was practically materialized last year.
  34. Contacted a number of philanthropists and well-to-do personalities to host a number of University staff, teachers and students for Umra and Hajj. By the grace of Allah, this was accomplished last year.
  35. Arranged seminars and conferences on daily basis to fight extremism and militancy and inviting people to moderation.
  36. Developed a strategic plan for the advancement of the University so that it can occupy its coveted place among the ranking universities of the world with quality attention; working to make arrangement for meeting of the University’s Board of Trustees inSaudi Arabia; and visit of members of IIUI’s Board of Trustee to perform Umrah and visit the mosque of the Prophet, peace be upon him, at Madina
  37. Contacted the concerned quarters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabic for the carpeting of King Faisal Mosque. By the grace of Almighty Allah, it was accomplished last year.
  38. Contacted the concerned quarters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabic for the maintenance of Faisal Mosque and securing a number of libraries and a construction of a separate elevator.
  39. Holding of ninth Convocation of the University attended by His Excellency the President of Pakistan.
  40. Khadim al-Haramayn al-Sharifayn, may Allah protect him, was awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Politics and International Relations.
  41. Visiting a number of academic delegations to the University and meeting the University higher authority.
  42. Supporting the University’s projects such construction of boundary wall of the University, Faculty of Engineer, Female Hostel Block
  43. Took special interest in the International Iqbal Institute for Dialogue and Research.
  44. Took keen interest in Da’wah Academy and its chairing.
  45. Deanship of the Faculty of Usuluddin.
  46. Took great interest in the affairs of students on scholarship and increased their number. In this connection, he contacted some philanthropists in Saudi Arabia for sponsoring such scholarship. By the grace of Almighty, such scholarship was awarded to more than fifty students in different specializations.
  47. Arranged stipends for poor and deserving students who cannot afford tuition fees.
  48. Assisted scientific and technical Faculties with their own labs and competent Faculty members in different specializations.
  49. Worked on securing international ranking of the University.
  50. Arranged short training courses for the Imams, preachers, orators and teachers particularly from the tribal areas to update their knowledge and urge them to follow moderation.
  51. Participated in the seminars and conference on anti-polio vaccination among children and highlighted the importance of helping those in charge of vaccination teams and to discourage those who stand in their way as criminal and culprit.
  52. Took keen interest in the horticultural development of the University and development of greenery in the campus.
  53. Urged the students on voluntary social and religious works with a spirit to serve the community.
  54. Activating the university systems to properly regulate educational process.
  55. Took special interest in the Medical Center and in assisting it with competent medical male and female staff.
  56. Motivated the students to creativity and excellence by encouraging them though prizes in kind.
  57. Activated various committees of IIUI to streamline academic and research environment in the University.
  58. Encouraged innovation and research capabilities of students through various process and incentive schemes.
  59. Worked with the Board of Governors of IIUI to establish news departments and faculties.
  60. Establishment of new Deanships at IIUI with the consent and approval of Board of Governors.
  61. Working towards creation of new post of Vice President (Research and Higher Studies) in consultation with the Board of Trustees.
  62. Representation in may conferences, forums, seminars at local, regional, Islamic and international level such as KSA, China, Indonesia, Jordan and Algeria.
  63. Efforts for making the University Deputy Chairman of sixth conference of Federation of Universities of Islamic World out of 300 member Universities. Also exerted efforts for acquiring the University membership in of Executive Council of League of Islamic Universities out of 120 member Universities.