Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh
Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

Dr. Al-Draiweesh is an Islamic scholar of impeccable academic credentials, a public intellectual of high moral and professional integrity. As the President of the International Islamic University, Islamabad, a great ambassador of goodwill between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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By on December 8, 2015

Comprehensive narrative be established to deal violent elements, say participants

Speakers of a seminar here at International Islamic university, Islamabad (IIUI) agreed that religious scholars can play significant role in inhibiting terrorist and extremist tendencies and there is a dire need to adopt a clear narrative against the violent elements who are destroying the peace and stability of world.

The seminar titled “The Role of Religious Leadership in Fight against Terrorism and Rejection of Sectarianism” was organized by the university at its Faisal Masjid campus which was presided over by Dr Abdullah Bin Abdulmohsin Al-Turki, General Secretary Muslim World League (MWL).

The event was also attended by Raja Zafar ul haq, Leader of the house in Senate, Maulana Sami ul Haq, Director Maktaba Tu Dawa Abu Saad Muhammad bin Saad Al-Doussri, Director General Rabta Aalame-e-Islami Pakistan Muhamad Abduho Ateen, Cultural Attaché of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan Dr Haza Al-Ghamdi, diplomats of Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, and other countries, while IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and President IIUI Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh were also present in the seminar.

“Muslims facing injustice especially in Palestine” said Raja Zafar ul Haq while urging for joint efforts for protection of Muslims. He said that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be lauded for its efforts for protection of Muslim. “ KSA measures in this regard are being supported by entire Muslim world and particularly by Pakistan” he said.

“People, who know less about Islam, associate it with violent attitudes, which is in appropriate” said MWL General Secretary. He added that educational insinuations such as IIUI are of vital importance to create awareness among the masses about Islam’s true message. Dr Abdullah Bin Abdulmohsin urged the students and Muslim communities to adopt the attitude of research. He lauded support of Pakistani and Saudi governments for character building of the students and efforts for dissemination of Islam’s message of peace.

Rector IIUI said on the occasion that university has been producing scholars of various disciplines with added advantage of Islamic teachings for three decades. He added the university is focused on producing moderate personalities with a vision of Islam’s message of tranquilit. “ students of 45 countries acquiring quality education in serene educational milieu” he told.

“Dr. Al-Draiweesh urged for joint efforts for devising comprehensive stratigies for image building of Muslim countries while stressing that negative propaganda against Islam be exposed and world must be introduced about true teachings of Islam . “ Muslim Ummah, its religion and culture is unjustly accused of terrorism and any effort to correct this perception is not taken seriously and the role of Muslims in international co-operation, peace and global stability is ignored” Said IIUI President.

The seminar emphasized the significance of strengthening the relationship between the Muslim scholars and the society at large specifically the youth. The scholars, Muslim delegates and speakers of the seminar recommended establishing channels for communication and continuous dialogue with the male and female university students and other training organizations on topics related to terrorism and extremism. The participants also suggested revision of the teaching and educational methodologies in the light of Islamic creed, and finding way to empower the educational organizations in Islamic societies.

Scholars, researchers and academicians from Pakistan and other countries who participated in the seminar presented working papers dealing with various aspects and angles of the main topic.